Memorialize Your Wedding Day

Memorialize your wedding day with intention.
The Calligraphed Epistle Believes that Important life events, like weddings, the birth of children and anniversaries deserve to be memorialized in special ways. Calligraphed Epistle creations are far more than the predictable; they house the memories, pictures and keepsakes from your wedding day and life. They are created in the spirit of paying homage to vintage treasures and an alternative to the generic cookie cutter guest book.
Millions of stories. Tell yours.

The inevitability of today’s modern bride is that she is overpowered by the amount of decisions that need to be made, combined with the pressure of having *the perfect wedding*.  Whether the event will be for 50 or 500 guests, choosing the venue, menu, attire, and taking care of the seemingly endless amount of miniscule details can easily leave you feeling trapped, overwhelmed and exhausted.  Brides can completely lose sight of why they decided to get married in the first place. Brides are frequently left asking two important questions…

What will I remember from my wedding?  How will I preserve those memories?

I am all about preservation…preserving legacy by combining the timeless traditions of hand lettered calligraphy and book binding. I provide the exclusive book framework, the anatomy, so you have a physical space in which to record your memories.  The artistic pages of your book fill up over time; as you live your life, preserve your story and archive your legacy. In the end, you create an heirloom, far beyond the predictable. Your story to be cherished by you and your children.

Everyone treasures a chosen reminiscence. Make your indulgence worth remembering. Indulge in your memories

Wedding Guest Book and Bouquet on Bench

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Wedding Guest Book: Faith Hope Love Album

This ‘Faith, Hope and Love’ wedding guestbook is unique in that they feature excerpts from the 1 Corinthians 13 bible verses, often referred to as the ‘Love Chapter’. Your guest book becomes a tangible artifact to reminisce over as well as a keepsake to pass on to future generations.

Wedding Guest Book: Faith Love and Hope Album

Christians who enter the sacrament of marriage are making a commitment to Christ, as well as to each other. In a Christian wedding, Christ is the focal point, rather than the bride. And, yet, couples still struggle with how they want to reflect their commitment and at the same time, highlight their own singular personalities.

Check out the video below that visually highlights some of the features from this very special wedding album:

Here are some of the reasons a Calligraphed Epistle album stands out:

  1. The album is akin to holding an antique. It is a ‘real’ living, breathing relic that documents your wedding day.
  2. The book is archival; created with acid free products designed to withstand the ravages of time.
  3. The albums are delivered to you ‘designed’ and ready to fill. I’ve done the labor, taking all of the pressure off of you!
  4. The albums are multi-purpose, in that they are made up of multiple ‘book chapters’: a section for the guest book, for the photo album and a space for posting keepsakes (a scrapbook).
  5. The albums feature hand calligraphy, a tradition that began as early as 600 BC.


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