How to get your Wedding Guests to Sign the Guest Book!

There are always going to be guests who ‘just aren’t that into you’…get over it. But, these 6 tips will {at least} help you get a lot more people to sign your wedding guest book! Here’s how to make that happen.


Don’t hide the guest book table in the obligatory dark corner. This seems obvious right? But, it isn’t… {You’d be surprised that most couples think that everyone is so thrilled to be at their wedding that they will flock to their guest book…no matter where it is. Well. Not so much.} Here’s what to do. Put it in a place that is obvious, that is well lit and is near a traffic pattern that makes sense. {Don’t put it in the middle of the buffet table…or dance floor.} The bottom line: if the guests can at least *see* the guest book table, you’ve won half the battle!


Are you having a separate table at your reception for ‘cards’ or ‘gifts’? If so, think about combining them *or* {at least} putting them in close proximity. Doing so, encourages ‘participation’ in each of these steps… If someone makes the ‘trek’ to place a gift on the table, and the guest book table is *right* there, chances are that they will take a minute or two to also sign your book!


Make the guest book interesting. If you plop down a $1.00 signature book from the dollar store on a table and expect each of your guests to be running like the bulls of Spain to sign it, you are fooling yourself. It’s an afterthought… If you are going through the motions with this and you don’t care, why should your guests care? If you want your guests to sign your book, MAKE IT INTERESTING. Pique their interest! Curiosity may have killed the cat but it will make your guests far more eager and interested in the process! Interest=Signage. Period.


Find that *perfect* person to work the station. Maybe you have a perky Aunt Jane…you know the type, very personable, outgoing and knows *everyone*. Or, maybe you have a teenage niece who’s bringing a ‘friend’? Let them man the station…solicit signatures and the like. They can be rewarded with a special gift and/or acknowledgement at the end of the night! Regardless of who would be the perfect ‘attendant’ for your station, having someone who is bubbly, vibrant, always smiling and endearing will go a long way to increasing your signature rate!


The formal announcement. Yep. Don’t shy away from this…especially if made during reception ‘down times’. It’s the perfect time for guests to do their ‘chores’. There’s no food, no dancing yet…make an announcement and help your guests during the wait times. Give them a little reminder of things they can do! Happy guests=Happy reception.


When all else fails {and if you happen to be competing for some Guinness World Record Guest Book Signature Rate Title}, bribery is {absolutely} the answer! If your guest signs the book, they get *their* wedding party favor. Period. End of story. {But the wedding favor had better be good…and I mean…exceptional.}


So there you have it. 6 ways to increase your guest book signage. {relatively painless, really…}

  1. Location! Location! Location!
  2. Location addendum.
  3. Pique their interest.
  4. An awesome attendant.
  5. Announcement.
  6. Bribery.

Happy planning!