The Ultimate Wedding Guest Book Checklist

“Heather, I’m a busy bride and I don’t even have time to think about the wedding guest book or table!” No problem. Here’s my Ultimate Wedding Guest Book Checklist. Quick. Simple. Easy.

A guest book table does not necessarily require hundreds of hours to plan out. It can be done quite simply, actually. Here are my top suggestions to achieving an easy peasy guest book table:

  • Unique Guest Book: Choose a book that is interesting, that represents the two of you as a couple; one that piques interest.
  • Guest Book Station Attendant: An easy way to encourage more people to sign is to have someone (or more) volunteering to work at the table. Who can say ‘no’ to that cute niece?
  • Great Location: Put the guest book table in a location where everyone can see it or has to walk by it. If people can see it, they are going to be more inclined to sign it!
  • Clear Instructions: Tell your guests what they need to do. In simple language. If there are 6 steps to signing a guest book, how likely is anyone going to be to do it? Keep it simple…
  • Lead by Example: ‘Show’ your guests how/what to do at the station. If you are having guests fingerprint papers, have some already completed! If you are having guests take pictures of themselves, have some on display, as finished examples to follow!
  • Guest Book Table: Choose a table that has plenty of room. If you have a wedding with 300 guests, don’t make a guest table that only allows one guest to write at a time! If there is plenty of room to write and it is comfortable, they are going to be more inclined to take it seriously!
    • Linens/Tablecloth: Cover the table using linens that coordinate with your overall theme/aesthetic.
    • Old Pictures/Engagement Photos: Use pictures of your parents, grandparents on their wedding day; make use of that engagement photo session you had (way back) and display some of those pictures.
    • Include a jar/vase of your wedding flowers on the table.
    • Signage: Create signage that tells your guests what the space is for!
    • Pens disappear! Stock the space with plenty of pens! {archival are the best}
    • Chair(s): If you are asking guests to write long notes of remembrance, then provide comfortable chairs! Who wants to write out several paragraphs of memories while bending over a table? Make it as comfortable as can be for your guests…
    • Lighting: Don’t make your guests write in the dark! Include candles or even put some old lamps on the table (or ones that fit with your wedding aesthetic)! It’s a great way to lighten traditionally dark spaces (especially if you are in a dark reception hall).
    • Plenty of Supplies: If you are using a non-traditional guest book, be sure to have plenty of supplies on hand so that you don’t run out!

Happy planning!

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