Your Wedding Guest Book Table Perfectly Styled in 5 Simple Steps

5 steps to the perfect wedding guest book table graphic

Are you hung up on the logistics of setting up a guest book table? If so, this is the post for you. In making just a handful of simple, yet strategic decisions, you will have a guest book station that people will WANT to visit!

5 steps to a simple wedding guest book table set up:

  1. Get Help! Some suggest having one of your attendants *work* the station. I disagree. Find a teenager–someone who would love to have the responsibility! Having a ‘manned’ guest book table will increase the visibility and likelihood your guests will sign your book.
  2. Location! Don’t hide the table. Put it somewhere obvious, in the natural traffic pattern of the reception. If people see it, they will be a lot more likely to sign it!
  3. Lighting + Space! If you want your guests to write thoughtful notes to you, be sure to make it comfortable by providing enough physical space. If you are using a small table and load it up with a bunch of wedding decor and flower arrangement, it will feel cluttered and will encourage a quick visit to the table. If you provide a chair, however, and a space for guests to really sit and reflect, chances are you will have deeper sentiments conveyed. Also think about lighting…if your reception hall is dark, how can you expect guests to even see to write? Consider placing the table in a well lit area or even add a lamp (on trend with your wedding theme). A well-lit and roomy guest book table will increase the likelihood of your guests not only visiting your station but also writing meaningful notes to you.
  4. Plenty of Pens! This seems obvious, right? Well, it isn’t. Think about how many times people walk off with pens! I can’t tell you the number of times I’ve been at a wedding and there has only been one pen. At one table there was a line to sign rustic tags because there was only one pen–but enough room for 3 or 4 people to be using the space at one time. Another wedding there was actually no pen–I had to come back to my table and borrow one (because I didn’t carry my regular purse). Even if it seems ridiculous, supply the station with extras to alleviate any potential crisis with your guest book station!
  5. Keep It Simple Stupid! Just Say No to Micro-Managing! Are you familiar with the Einstein quote, “If you can’t explain it to a 6 year old, you don’t understand it yourself?” Just think about that for a minute… If you plan a guest book table with multiple moving parts and complex instructions, how likely are your guests to engage? Just remember: simple set up + simple directions = better results! Don’t overthink the guest book table.

If your goal is to try and get as many people to write you a meaningful sentiment on your wedding day, do everything you can to make them at ease with the process. A simple space, with enough room and lighting, well stocked with all of the accessories needed, will encourage your guests to share thoughts and memories–something you will delight in reminiscing over for decades to come!

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